Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arumi Bachin

Beautiful and popular Arumi Bachin already owned. But for matters boyfriend, virgin birth Jakarta February 19, 1994 was claimed to have never had it. Too picky, ya?

"Instead of voters, I do not be going out of their parents. New Age 15, still ijo," said Arumi when contacted via telephone in Jakarta, Saturday.

So far, Arumi been rumored near the middle singer rising Afghan. But the movie stars 'bestfriend' is claimed to be more than just friends with a chanter song 'Terima Kasih Cinta".

"I just knew from the beginning of Afghans want to be friends. So there is no relationship beyond that. I was not allowed to dating and still thinker if it was not the primary obligation," said Azizah this soap opera star.
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  1. gila ... penyuplai ya ... kug banyak banget link-nya

  2. ahhhh ka arumi cantik banget deh,cantik kak arumi nggak ada yg bisa yg tandinggi...............

  3. ka arumi cantik banget deh,,,aku fans banget sama ka arumi,,,,saat main di film dia bukan anakku......!

  4. Lagi negtop nich di Global TV si Arumi.. :)