Thursday, October 29, 2009

Angelica Panganiban

Miyabi fans ... , This is the parade of artists - artists who according to many observers, has a similar (though not 100%), with Miyabi or Maria Ozawa. One of them was Angelica Panganiban (Philippines hot artist) and several Indonesian artists.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Raffi Ahmad

Raffi Ahmad was born in Bandung, West Java, 17 February 1987 is the emcee, actor and singer who came from Indonesia.
At the end of 2006, musician Joey Ayala group held a casting for vokal Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB is dedicated to players teen soap opera Indonesia. Finally elected Raffi, Jimmy Chintya Bella (former boyfriend Raffi), Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, and Regis. Their first single, Let's Dance Together in the market was well received. They also starred in their first movie titled BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa) directed by Fauzia Lasja. BBB back with a new single titled Bukan Bintang Biasa the most popular teenagers. beduet with Sam Milby also in the song Do not Tell no.

In 2008, Raffi acting career more shine. Laudya Chintya former lover appeared in the movie besutan Wild and Soejarwo Rudi Asoy Responses. And the increasingly driving up the current name is a music program that brought Strikes RCTI with two multi-talent artist Luna Maya and Olga Syahputra.

The end of 2008, Raffi had established the love with Tyas Mirasih and Velove Vexia back with BBB vocal group launched a new single called Putus Nyambung and it exploded in the market. This at once dismissed the notion that BBB vocal group only for a moment. Raffi plans with BBB will get back together in new film follows a soundtrack album. Reportedly, Raffi will be a duet with Jimmy Chintya Bella.

In addition to a brilliant career, Raffi not be separated from his love story. Ranging from fabric to do with Jimmy Chintya Bella, pesinetron Bunga Zainal, Rachael Galih, Tyas Mirasih, Velove Vexia, and the most excited talking about right now is to do with nostalgia singer Yuni Shara. This age difference couples are often seen out with in several occasions.
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Jay Chou

Jay Chou first entered the music industry when he appeared in a talent show event in 1998 as a pianist and songwriter and he appeared with his friend. Although their performance was not extraordinary, the producers can see the talent of extraordinary Jay. Finally, Jay was hired as a composer and songwriter for other artists. Finally, in 2000, Jay released his first album entitled "Jay", which at the time of launch, the album became an instant hit. Since then, regular jay album out every year. Albums received great attention among Chinese International-Speaking Community (including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaisya, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia). Until now, at least Jay has sold around 25 million records worldwide.

In 2005, Jay made his debut in the world of acting through the film Initial D, a popular manga series in Japan who was appointed to the big screen. There he served as the main character, Takumi Fujiwara, the movie jay capable of displaying his acting talents are also remarkable, Jay finally got the award for best newcomer at the 42nd Golden Horse Award for his role in Initial D. Respectively, Jay began many appeared on the big screen, namely the colossal movie "Curse of Golden Flower" with [(Chow Yun-Fat]] and Gong Liyang released in 2006, also in a romantic drama starring and directed by him alone, "Secret". The film was released in 2007, then in the sports comedy "Kung-Fu Dunk" was released in 2008. Who starred in the movie, Jay is always making up songs and sing for the film soundtrack. Even in one of the latest action movie "Fearless", starring the superstar kung fu, Jet Li, jay also required writing and singing the soundtrack of the film.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Leah Dizon

Leah Dizon or Leah Donna Dizon was born 24 September 1986 is a Japanese singer and model. Mixed-blood French-Chinese-Filipino, and was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. She had started singing in America, but less famous so that decided to move to Japan. Apparently she was more famous in Japan. It is also often posing as a bikini model or sexy.She clothes reportedly was married and was pregnant with the child and cause him to stop singing, but she promised to return to sing to his fans.

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Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi was born 11 November 1983 is a Japanese AV idol, actress naked. Aoi Sora means "sky blue" if translate into English. As a student working part-time Aoi in various types of work, such as pizza, a nightclub and sushi restaurants. When she stepped on 3 class in high school, Aoi was found by a local talent scouts in Shibuya.

Aoi made its debut as a porn model in November 2001. Her eyes are big, sweet smile, cute face and sexy breasts which quickly made famous section in various adult magazines.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Aya Ueto

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Aya Ueto was born in Nerima, Tokyo, 14 September 1985 is an actress, singer, idol, and tarento from Japan. Ueto first widely known when she participated in the National Beauty Pageant girls as Japan to-seven, where she won the prize for Special Jury. She had begun her debut at age thirteen in the film Killer of Paraiso Satsujinsha. In 1999, she and fellow participants of the National Beauty Pageant girls as Japan, Mami Nejiki, Mai Fujiya, and Manami Nishiwaki, formed a band Z-1 that did not last long. In 2002, after they broke up, Ueto music career continued as a solo artist under the label Pony Canyon, with her debut "Pureness". The breakthrough came when Aya serves as the girl suffered from gender identity disorder in the drama series from TBS 6 titled 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei. Aya's performance is highly criticized bring itself into several roles in TV dramas. Eventually she made a face that is easy Known in Japan. She also tried to the big screen in the successful film by director Ryuhei Kitamura famous in 2003 called Azumi and the sequel, Azumi 2: Death or Love in the year 2005.

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Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief was born in Jakarta, 6 December 1988 is Indonesian soap opera actress. Her name is becoming known since starred in the soap opera Princess SCTV.


The youngest daughter of the couple Riki 2 brothers Latif and Elisabeth has been acquainted with the entertainment world since Indonesia is still elementary, when starring in ads and Taro Tango wafer snacks. Thalita then entered the professional world that begins with a semi-finalist GIRL 2003 Cover Model and First Winner My friend in 2004. Thalita ever starred Tanggo Wafer advertising products, Gery Salut, as well as starring in a video clip Slank band ( "So what gitu loh"), ADA Band ( "Kau Auraku"), and Bondan ( "Bunga").

Girl owners tall and weighing 164 cm and 46 kg was start to a career in acting through the production of soap Keong Mas MD Entertainment. Soap opera that catapulted her name is Putri with Desy Ratnasari. Some soap operas starring the ever is Thalita adalah Kiamat, Aku Bukan Aku, Cinta Remaja, and Peluk Aku 3 Menit. Debut film is Lawang Sewu (Dendam Kuntilanak) mystery horror film director Arie Azis claim.
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